Community Sightings Network

Community Sightings Network

The Clyde, Solway Firth and North Channel are home to both resident and visiting marine mammal populations. We know very little about the abundance, distribution, habitats and behaviour of these animals in our waters. We need your help to find out more!

We encourage and support coastal residents, wildlife watchers, community groups, leisure and commerical boat users to report their sightings to us. This information is vital as it provides necessary information to help understand and conserve marin mammal species.

Your sightings reports will be used to identify key areas and  habitats  and over time can be used to understand how species deal with environmental change and other pressures. The information contributes positively to  environmental policy and Firth of Clyde Marine Spatial Planning Framework.

The data you submit is important to the Clyde and surrounding waters but also at a national level.  As the regional coordinator for the Clyde, we regularly forward this information to the Hebridean Whale & Dolphin Trust to help build the bigger picture in Scotland and to the National Sightings Database held by the Sea Watch Foundation.

Sightings Network Groups

We are really keen to have Community Sightings Groups located in all areas of the Clyde. We can help you arrange group sightings events , supply equipment, vessel support, data and identification sheets etc. 

Group Location Contact  Email
Rothesay  Bute Colin Paterson
CMMP Clyde David Nairn
Fairlie Pier Fairlie  Peter Jones
FSC Millport Cumbrae Phil Cowie
Seasearch West Tarbert  Owen Paisley
Coastwatch Irvine Billy Lamb